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It's hard to lead a cavalry charge if you think you look funny on a horse

– Adalai E. Stevenson

What sort of coaching would most benefit you?

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Executive Coaching

Executive coach

You are a senior leader, or your organization is investing in your leadership development to bring you to full capacity. Programs may include:

Developing Leader Coaching

developing leader

Perhaps you’re not having the impact you desire, or your interactions with some colleagues aren’t going well. At times, it may be difficult to manage your own frustration, and you suspect it might be having a long-term impact on your success and personal satisfaction. Or, you’re aspiring to move your career forward, and want to get ready for the next level, but it’s not yet clear what kind of leader you are. Let’s find out:

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

You’re looking to make some changes, but not sure how to start, and the other options on this page don’t seem to fit. Let’s get a start on getting unstuck.

Coach Mentoring

You’re a trained coach (or well on your way) and it’s time to sharpen your skill. Receive helpful feedback on your coaching, and consult with an experienced coach to develop your proficiency. Valid for supervision hours required to obtain an ACC or PCC credential from the ICF. Program can be tailored to your needs, and may include:

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I feel confident in how I conduct my business and I am absolutely amazed at what I accomplished in the year you coached me including writing and publishing a book!
Mare Rosenbaum
Mare Rosenbaum
Executive Coach, Leadership Development



Explore the service descriptions to discover which program(s) might be a fit for you or your organization.

Intro Call

Our first chat is simply to get acquainted and to answer your initial questions. We will follow up with a draft Welcome Kit for you to review, and we will arrange another Q&A call to ensure your questions are answered.


Once the program is established, send in your completed Welcome Kit and arrange the first call, which will be a Discovery Session.


In our first session, we will set the context for our work by discussing mutual expectations, and we will delve into the Getting to Know You form from the Welcome Kit. We will begin to establish the themes and focus areas of our work together, and may initiate some form of assessment.


We will meet regularly, with our work guided by our focus areas, and by matters you present in the moment. You will be in action and/or in contemplation between our sessions.


When it's time to pause or complete our work, we will spend our final session reviewing our progress, and setting the stage for self-sustained growth. The door remains open to resuming our work under new arrangements.